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Can a student who opted for science after tenth be an ACCA? Can someone who studied humanities for plus two join ACCA? Questions like these might be something that all of us would have wondered at some point in our academic life. By the time students finish their 10th standard in India, the main options they are seen choosing for higher secondary are usually, science, commerce, humanities, etc. By the time after plus two only, the students will then think about the various other educational options available. And it’s only natural to have confusion and doubts at that time. So, to clear the doubts regarding choosing ACCA after plus any stream of +2, let’s dive deeper into the ACCA course details.

The full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which is the membership body that accredits and supports professional accountants all over the world. This course offers various opportunities like employability in so many countries, the development of significant life skills, a professional turn for your career, etc., and much more. The ACCA course duration and the ACCA exam flexibility also come as favorable aspects for those who are determined to have the ACCA qualification. The levels can be cleared paper wise which will increase the easiness of course completion and also gives the student the option to decide their acca duration.

When it comes to the topic of studying ACCA after plus two science, or any other subjects, the membership body has stated clear rules for the matter. In India, a student can start to train for obtaining the ACCA certificate right after the tenth standard but only apply for the ACCA registration after qualifying for the higher secondary exam.

As for the ACCA eligibility after plus two, any student can register for the exam, even those who opted for science or humanities. However, candidates those who chose commerce stream should score 65% marks in 2 subjects out of five including Accounts and Mathematics, and a minimum of 50% in the remaining 3.  This is why ACCA has an important place in the list of commerce courses after the 12th. Others who wish to join ACCA can start the process with the ‘Foundation In Accountancy’ and later enter ACCA.

If you are someone who is planning to do ACCA training in India or ACCA online, after plus two, then you should do the research work before actually choosing an institution. For that, the best possible option will be to choose a Platinum Approved Learning Partner to guide the ACCA learning process. Elance is one such institution, which provides online, offline, and hybrid modes of education, with a proven credibility and exceptional track record that guides students in their ACCA journey. Along with Elance, there are so many other ACCA institutes present in this day. So it’s important that students do their research before choosing an institution.

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