ACCA and CMA (US) Job Opportunities 

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It’s a fresh dawn now, filled with many new resolutions and expectations. It’s time to start taking new decisions, both short-term and long-term. Short-term goals like joining yoga classes will give you temporary relaxation. Long-term decisions like joining ACCA or CMA US in the best commerce institute in kerala would help you forever to have a happy and stable life. For a person who wishes to have a better lifestyle, stable career, and sound salary package, it’s high time to get an ACCA or CMA (US) certificate. But are you afraid about the ACCA and CMA US job opportunities ? Read the article more to understand how these courses uplift your career opportunities!

Job Opportunities in ACCA  

The full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and it is a global body that provides certificates for professional accountants. An ACCA course certificate will enhance your career opportunities as you can work with multinational companies like Big4. International companies are behind ACCA professionals in public accountant and chartered accountant positions. Every reputed firm around the world is in search of globally recognised professionals. This trend gives the association of chartered certified accountants more popularity, which is one reason why most commerce students are behind it. 

As aforementioned, with an ACCA certificate, you can find job profiles similar to Indian CA. Here are some of them: 

1)Accounting Advisory 

Accounting advisory services are behind ACCA-certified professionals now. They keep books, generate financial reports and file taxes, which are necessary for business owners.

2) Risk Advisory 

Risk advisors protect a business from fraud and misconduct. An ACCA professional can quickly analyse the data and do what is necessary for business growth. 

3) Statutory Audit 

An ACCA professional will review the financial statements and records of a company. This is a legal inspection mandatory for every firm. 

4) Financial Reporting 

Financial reporting is done to analyse and report the business income. An ACCA professional can do it efficiently so that cash flows to the company are done effectively. 

Now, let’s check the job opportunities at CMA US. 

 Job Opportunities of CMA (US) 

CMA (US) +or US-certified management accountant is an accounting certificate that stresses financial accounting and strategic planning. The full form of IMA is Institute of Management Accountants and it is the regulatory body that awards CMA certificates. 

Studies show that India has vast opportunities for these accounting professionals as the number of CMA course is less here. If you are an aspiring CMA (US) student looking forward to a highly-paid job or a professional looking to uplift your career, this is the best time to grab this certificate.  

Let us check the opportunities you can achieve with a CMA (US) certificate.  

1) Chief Financial Officer 

You can work as a CFO or Chief Financial Officer with a CMA US certificate.  It is one of the most significant positions any accountant can achieve.  After completing CMA US, you will get all the necessary education to serve a multinational company. 

2) Cost Accountant 

CMA US will teach you to organise numerical data, making you a successful cost accountant. Cost accountants are in high demand in India, and they keep track of the business’s performance margin and expenses. 

3) Financial Analyst 

A financial analyst tracks, prepare and analyses a company’s financial reports. A CMA US certificate will help you to earn this position. 

4) Finance Manager 

Companies hire CMA US-certified accountants as finance managers because they can easily forecast and budget. They will have exceptional knowledge of the finance industry, making them the best available finance manager.

It is for sure that demands for both ACCA and CMA US will increase in both India and globally in the coming years. Find the best  ACCA, CMA (USA) and C institute  in Kerala, now to be part of the changing world with an updated future. Check out the Elance page to secure your career goals!

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