The ACCA course is a globally recognized accountancy certification, which accredits and supports professional accountants all over the world, whereas, the Chartered Accountancy is a course which prepares professionals who can manage finance, taxation and accountancy for a firm or a business organization. But have you ever thought about having an ACCA qualification along with a CA qualification? Well… there’s a way to get both, without actually studying for both.

The full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a membership organization which supports and accredits professional accountants globally. The course provides the students with skills and knowledge which are necessary for them to excel in their field of work. There are many benefits of studying ACCA like global exposure, job opportunities in more than 180+ countries and many more. ACCA exams can be cleared paper by paper according to the students’ convenience and this ACCA exam flexibility is one of the main factors that attract students to this course. ACCA also offers diverse job roles in areas like, financial accounting, management accounting, risk management, forensic accounting, etc.

Chartered Accountancy or the CA course is an option chosen by accountancy aspirants who are serious in making a career in the field of accounting. In India it is offered by the ICAI. There are many advantages to being a Chartered Accountant like, the huge job market, high salary packages, various job roles etc. By being CA qualified, the person gets the right to take care of the matters related to taxation and accounting of a business organization.

CA and ACCA qualification are two entirely different courses which has different requirements and outcomes. But having both of them together will only add to the person’s desirability. And, there’s a way to avail both.

ICAS or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland is the world’s first professional organization of Chartered Accountants. The ICAS was the first to adopt the designation “Chartered Accountant” and the designation letters “CA”. With its rich history filled with milestones, the ICAS has played a pivotal role in laying foundations of professionalism, ethics and integrity in the field of accounting.

As a world-wide organization, ICAS collaborated with many leading accounting firms to shape international accounting standards and practices and that is where the ACCA comes in. If you are a practicing ACCA member, you will get exemptions for all 13 papers, fulfilling that you have gotten the ACCA qualification, and have post qualification ACCA job experience of 7 years. And in addition to this, the person must be a member of good standing and must be able to submit 5 self-assessment essays to the ICAS. After meeting all these criteria, the person can use the term Chartered Accountant or the designation CA associating with them.

So this is how you can have both the ACCA and CA qualification in an alternative way. While doing all this, it will be most advisable to also follow the guidance of an institution which has an experience of teaching students and making them reach their desired careers. Elance is one such organization which helps students in realizing their dreams by maintaining consistent world ranks and also by having many other achievements. So if an apt guidance is what you require, then choose Elance and simplify your learnings.

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