Elance is an commerce institute for ACCA, CMA(USA) and CA  in Kerala. Students have a platform through the Elance Campus Ambassador programme to showcase to the world their talent. Students who sign up for this programme will have the chance to work for Elance’s Marketing Team.
In the Elance Learning App, the campus ambassador will also interact with the top educators of ACCA, CMA (US), and CA. You will get the opportunity to work with the best ACCA, CMA(USA) and CA institute in Kerala . Elance, the top commerce institute , will choose a campus ambassador to represent it on various campuses.

By giving you access to the app’s recorded courses, Elance will increases your exposure to commerce. You will have an exceptional experience and improve your knowledge in commerce through your interactions with the students here on campus. Your information about international courses like ACCA, CMA (US), and CA will increase as a representative of Elance. Also thanks to the rapidly expanding E-learning App. Students from all over the state enroll in this programme to learn practical lessons in commerce that will support them in their future endeavors.
Additionally, you will have the chance to interact with the aspirational student population in Kerala and learn about their aspirations for the future. Students’ leadership and communication skills will be developed as a result of the program’s design. This will aid in student’s long-term career development. By representing their colleges, campus ambassadors can improve their skills in marketing, finance, and business. Stipends will be awarded to the bright and active participants in this programme. The most important factor in launching a finance career is practical experience.


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