Top Countries You Could Work With an ACCA Qualification, Apart from India

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Before getting to know about the list of countries for ACCA affiliates apart from India, let’s have a look at what ACCA actually is and what the advantages are that can be experienced by being an ACCA affiliate. ACCA is an internationally recognized accounting qualification, and the full form of ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 

How will ACCA qualification help us in our careers? One of the significant advantages that ACCA provides is that it makes us stand out from the group of finance professionals in the market. It offers us a higher possibility of getting hired by the companies. 

ACCA is known as the global CA. Do you know the reason why ACCA is called so? One of the main reasons is that ACCA is accepted in 180 countries and it provides better job opportunities worldwide. The course is specially designed to develop 13 sets of skills that will help aspirants to achieve high-paying jobs. And that is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most demanding courses after 12th.  

We all agree to the fact that salary is one of the most important parts of any profession. Everyone searches for jobs that help them to be financially stable in their lives. Do you know what is the total amount of salary that an ACCA affiliate can expect in India? The average salary ranges between Rs. 6-20 lakhs per annum. At the same time, they have the opportunity to earn up to a total of 80+ Lakhs per annum by working in foreign countries. The salaries mentioned can vary significantly based on the role, company, and nation selected. If you are an ACCA member, then there will be a considerable change in the salary range. 

Accounting professionals are in demand all over the world.  As the requirement of finance professionals are rapidly increasing, there is a massive increase in the total number of ACCA aspirants in India. Apart from India, some of the top nations where you could work with an ACCA qualification are listed below. Go through the list to grasp a better idea about the opportunities of learning ACCA. 

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for ACCA affiliates. The nation, which is considered the birthplace of ACCA, has flourished with the presence of multiple multinational corporations offering multiple finance jobs.  England, Scotland, and Wales are some of the top nations that offer a favourable atmosphere for finance professionals.  


Canada is a nation that is popular for its high standard of living and is widely considered as one that welcomes everyone. Since the nation has a strong economy, the accounting industry is growing rapidly. As a result, the demand for accounting professionals is increasing day by day. 

GCC Countries 

As we all know, the terrain of the GCC countries is well fit for business. Features like a tax-free environment, a high standard of living, a growing finance sector, a high density of multinational corporations, etc., made the UAE an appealing destination to receive high-paying jobs in the field of commerce.


Australia is a nation where the accounting industry is growing every single day. The presence of multiple MNCs open doors to vast opportunities for ACCA affiliates. The nation is in search of qualified finance professionals to meet the requirements of employees in finance management. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand is one of the countries that is popularly considered a global financial hub with a flourishing business environment. Transparent business practices have made the nation one of the favourite working destinations for numerous professionals all across the world. 

Are the above mentioned the only countries abroad where we can grow as an ACCA affiliate? Absolutely not. Apart from them, there are numerous countries with ample opportunities. Therefore, an ACCA certified professional will always be in demand.  So if you are someone who is looking for a commerce course that will improve your skills and values to place yourself in the international job market, then ACCA is definitely a perfect option for you. 

As we all know, for cracking an examination, proper learning methods need to be followed. Without a well structured routine and preparatory methods, there exists a huge chance that the things might end up unwell. To overcome such situations, we have to ensure that we are learning in the best method, with the assistance of the best masters, to deliver the best result. 
To end up in a good role in the field of commerce, proper guidance is required. Elance, one of the top ACCA institutes, and also one of the noted institutes for CMA USA will deliver you with the best. Assistance from our top-in-class mentors will help you set a proper plan to achieve the certification and make your dream of becoming a commerce professional come true. To know more about ACCA subjects and other details, visit our Elance website.

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