E- stox The trading school aims to equip the students with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how and also provide them an academic base so that they can apply the same in equity markets research for wealth creation. It introduces the participants to understand why markets move the way they do, and helps them to choose the right trading style suitable for their personal goals.

Why e-stox?

Learn the art of chart reading.

Live sessions and live market discussions.

Professional traders to teach and guide you in market.

Updates about market news and opportunities in market.

Smart investment discussions.

Project Eins (Building India's best option buying community)

Trading psychology and risk management guidance.

Active community for doubt clearance and chart discussions.

Seperate mentor for community support.


Tutored by experienced professional traders

Chance to join an elite community of traders from all around the world

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Why e-stox?

Live sessions by stock market experts

Live sessions by stock market experts Recorded videos from beginner to advanced levels​ ​

You will be trading under the proper guidance of professional traders

You can test and implement the latest strategies with our elite community of traders around the globe​

You’ll be equipped with skills that are required to succeed in the stock market

You’ll be able to manage your risk and place your trades properly

You’ll be confident to trade in various instruments such as Stocks , futures and options, commodities ,forex and crypto currency

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