How to effectively prepare for CMA (USA)?

Do you worry about attempting the CMA USA exam? My friend, you’re not by yourself on this boat. Feeling anxious before a competitive exam in any industry, including commerce, is expected. In the field of commerce, CMA USA is regarded as one of the most challenging exams.

From figuring out the best coaching institutes for CMA(USA) to prepping effectively for the exams, the CMA journey, like any other competitive exam, forces the student to hammer away. 

CMA (USA) is a professional exam with competitive qualification parameters. According to recent trends, the global passing rate is only 45%.

Students appearing for CMA(USA) often tend to believe that it is a hard nut to crack. A variety of factors cause this fear. Some of them are as listed below: 

·       Some of them are unprepared and have no planning.

·       Some students do not understand the curriculum.

·       Some people do not manage their time well.

·       Some students are not enrolled in suitable classes.

Apart from that, peer pressure exacerbates the situation. Everyone aspires to be at the pinnacle of their career. Exam anxiety is a common issue that can be found in any student who will be taking exams. It is not uncommon, but it can harm your exam performance. Pressure and expectations from parents and teachers are among the main issues.

Here are ten tips for overcoming exam anxiety and preparing strategically :

Time Management

Time is critical for students to crack premium courses like the CMA exam. Different students appear to perform differently. As a result, one should never try to follow the schedules of others.

Learning time management on your own and having disciplined study time is preferable. Attend lectures and solve mock question papers to improve your time management skills.

 Each student is an individual, and they perform as such. By copying, we cannot fully prepare for competitive exams such as the CMA. It means that systematically customizing a routine based on one’s preferences is the only way to cope with exam fear.

Time is a valuable resource that must be maximized. Here are a few tips for managing your time:

·       Stay away from all distractions.

·       Make a study schedule and strategically follow it.

·       Maintain the consistency of your study plan.

·       Every month, revise your study plan.

 Engage your brain while studying

Your brain needs to be engaged when studying. Reading a textbook over and over is too passive, affecting retention. How do you engage your brain? Give it something to do! For example:

·       Highlight the most important sections of the book (not just reading paragraphs highlighted by someone else). Take notes in the margins.

·       After watching a video, listening to an audio lecture, or reading a textbook, summarise the key points.

·       Make your flashcards as you go through the materials—you learn faster when you make them yourself rather than buying them.

Any of these methods will prolong your CMA exam prep, but it’s worth the effort.

Build a realistic study plan

Building a realistic study plan based on your work and personal schedule will ensure you set aside dedicated study time. Set realistic study goals each week to stay on track and organize when you cover each of the CMA Exam’s key topics. The location of your studies is as important as the plan because it determines how focused you will be. Create a dedicated study space with few distractions so that you’re ready to dive right into your CMA Exam prep when it’s time to study.

Find a technique that helps you retain more than 80% of what you study. Following the methods given below, one can keep the brain engaged and active:

·       S – Survey the material/concepts you are about to study. Surveying can be as simple as skimming through the chapter’s headings and subheadings.

·       Q – Question yourself. For example, ask yourself what the key points or formulas you need to memorize are. It will assist you in connecting the dots as you work through the material.

·       R – Read. Actively read the material, and keep your questions at the forefront of your mind. Another active reading method is to highlight or take notes as you read.

·       R – Recite. Close your textbook after reading a section, and try to recall as much information as possible.

·       R – Review. Return to your textbook and review your highlighted points and notes again to ensure you understand everything.

Cultivate a Learning Habit 

Studying for the CMA necessarily requires a specific mindset and effective study habits. Depending on your previous academic history or experience, you may be prepared to take on a challenge such as the CMA exam. However, you should be aware that there are research-based methods for getting you in the right frame of mind and with the proper habits to succeed.

First is the mindset. It would be best if you cultivated the following characteristics of a healthy study mindset:

·       Flexibility: A growth mindset is another name for a flexible perspective. It indicates that your mind is open to new ideas. The opposite is a fixed mindset, where you have rigid ideas and are unwilling to adapt. The CMA USA will introduce you to a plethora of new concepts. Taking them in requires a flexible mindset.

·       Focus: There is no getting around the fact that you must concentrate during this time in your life. A laser-like focus on your goal will motivate you like nothing else. Maintain your focus on the prize.

·       Clarity: You must be clear about your “why.” What motivates you to pass the CMA exam and become a CMA? Make a mental note of that image and use it as a primary motivator when things get tough.

Exam success requires a healthy mind.

It is a critical factor; you must understand that every student who takes exams is under pressure, and the better you handle the pressure, the more likely you are to pass the exam. CMA USA coaching can assist you in dealing with such stress. A positive and calm mindset will help you perform better in the exam. Keep in mind the following:

 1] Make sure you get enough sleep before the exam.

2] The food you eat (not too heavy), the clothes you wear (comfortable but not too tight), all of this matters during exam preparation and on exam day.

3] Try to be less distracted during the preparation time because you will need more concentration, and it is preferable to meditate routinely to relieve stress.

Last but not least, understand that exam results are influenced by various factors, one of which is your exam preparation and approach.

Education is a cost-benefit analysis. The funds you invest in education will be repaid over time as you advance in your career. Students take shortcuts like using a friend’s CMA USA coaching materials, pirated copies with outdated syllabuses, etc. All of these things will not help you pass the exam. Compared to an organized student or someone invested in CMA USA coaching in India, the percentage of students passing with such shortcuts will be very low. Keeping the above things in mind, it is imperative to choose the right institution to get your coaching done.

Elance is one of the best institutes for providing premium courses in commerce to students. Students can learn finance and accounting from anywhere and at any time with the help of the Elance Learning App. Recorded video contents of your desired professional courses, such as ACCA and CMA USA, are easily accessible through the app. Elance Learning provider Calicut is a platinum-approved learning partner of ACCA with credible operations for the past three years. It ensures that premium ACCA coaching is provided to students and that all the administrative affairs with ACCA global body are followed up efficiently.

Elance develops students into globally recognized professionals capable of obtaining high-paying jobs worldwide. This learning provider stands out as a one-stop destination for all aspirants looking to secure a career in commerce and finance. The CMA designation provides an objective measure of an individual’s knowledge and competence in management, accounting, and financial management. CMAs have extensive career opportunities with MNCs in India as well as worldwide.Habitual behaviours are instinctive, and developing new habits around studying is critical. Creating new routines necessitates action. Making the habits you want to perform obvious, easy, and enjoyable is the first step in developing new habits. Setting the right mindset and forming the proper habits is a recipe for success

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