Debunking the common myths about ACCA course

Salt in the food adds flavor to it, whereas misconceptions in life reduce your potential to achieve your goals. Similarly, when it comes to the ACCA course, if you have ever shown an interest in pursuing, it is probable that others around you have stated opinions that have caused you to reconsider whether you should pursue the course. Full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. You have the option of exploring diverse job fields with high salaries by obtaining your ACCA certification. In the private and public sectors, the jobs can be categorized in numerous ways, including business analysts, treasurers, business developers, tax analysts, and more. As well, one can begin their own business by using the knowledge gained as the ACCA syllabus is structured like that.

  • The ACCA qualification is irrelevant in the Indian market

However, the truth is, this course is actively connecting with large and small Indian-based business organizations, governments, educational institutions, and opinion formers. It has a dedicated job portal with over 7500 approved employers to assist you in your search for internships and job placements. Because of their global and practical skill sets, many MNCs in India, as well as the BIG 4 (KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, and PWC), are looking for Qualified ACCA Professionals. This course does not limit you to a specific industry; as an affiliate, you can work in Financial Reporting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Treasury, Banking, and other areas.

  • The ACCA is a difficult examination

Thousands of students in India pursue ACCA after 12th to become the most sought-after business management and finance professionals. The global pass rate for these exams is more than 50%. This is because the exams are online application-based, with a greater emphasis on concept and understanding rather than rote learning and presentation. Furthermore, the flexibility provided by the exams in terms of four exam sessions per year and the option of selecting the number of papers one wants to appear based on preparation allows the candidate to focus entirely on the paper he intends to write. This improves pass rates. The ACCA syllabus and study guide is designed to help provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session.

  • ACCA is only for accounting professionals.

This certification does not only lead to accountancy jobs in India. You can apply for positions such as Financial Accountant, Management Accountant, Corporate Treasurer, Assistant Accountant, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Forensic Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Auditor, and Tax Specialist. This can be taken by students from any background. Math or accounting is not a necessary criteria of ACCA eligibility.

  • ACCA is an Expensive Qualification

To be clear, spending on any qualification is not an expense, but rather an investment. The prospects when compared to the initial investment of the ACCA fees is ignorable. Putting in the time and effort to learn something and becoming the best you can at it will always pay dividends in your favor. This means that the payback period is one year, and the returns in terms of career opportunities and growth are limitless.

  • Taking ACCA after CA isn’t really valuable.

After completing CA, ACCA definitely gives you an advantage because it gives you access to a world of career opportunities at Senior Positions Globally. ACCA aims to provide you with the analytical financial techniques and innovative thinking required for strategic and leadership positions across functions around the world. It prepares you to meet the changing expectations of the world’s large employers, with high salaries.

You can study ACCA at any point in your career: after 10th, after 12th, after graduation, and during or after other professional qualifications. You can begin your ACCA whenever you want and skip the subjects in which you already have a qualification or credit. Over 180 countries recognize the ACCA qualification. If you’ve decided to take this course, and are considering your next steps, we can help you get started. Elance is undoubtedly the top institute in Kerala for courses like ACCA, CMA(USA), and CA. At Elance we have the best faculties in the world which have consistently helped us produce ranks nationally and internationally. Don’t let these myths hold you back from achieving your goal. Invest good time in research and talking to peers and seniors before taking the decision to avoid losing out on massive career opportunities ACCA course provides to aspiring finance students and professionals.

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