Preparatory classes is a vast collection of educational videos that are organised into “courses”, available in our learning app. Most of the courses focus on high school syllabus.
These classes gives a foundational knowledge on commerce which can act as walkway towards professional courses like ACCA, CMA(USA), and CA.

There is always scope and possibility of growth with commerce stream career options every year. As a result, the demand for commerce-related jobs is at an all-time high, with companies seeking individuals who specialize in their respective roles. Many other career paths fail to apply what they learn in practice, but in commerce, everything you learn and read is practical, theoretical, and always applicable.
Elance LEARNING app has a preparatory course in commerce that is absolutely free of cost, which gives students an idea about stepping into the world of commerce and thus gives a hint on how to study and secure a career in commerce. All the courses in the app are taken by the best faculty lineup in India. The quality of teaching and the guarantee of a top-notch learning experience is what separates ELANCE from the rest. Elance is one of the best institutes in Kerala to land an international career in Commerce. Elance app has a course named “Gateway to commerce”, which gives an insight into the core of the subject.
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