What are the Benefits an ACCA Qualification will Provide You? 

Have you watched ACCA professionals and wondered what magic they did to their life to take it to the next level? Or is it fascinating to catch a glimpse of these professionals attending the interviews and bagging any of them effortlessly? The magic wand they have is, undoubtedly, an ACCA qualification. If you are keen on accounting courses and a voracious learner who dreams of building a stable profession with a sound salary package, take a quick glimpse of the article to learn about the certificate and career around ACCA. If you feel this is your way, do not hesitate to choose the best ACCA institute in Kerala quickly as every best decision should be taken as soon as possible!

ACCA- The Decision that’s going to change your life

ACCA is a talk in town right now! Most career enthusiasts are behind an ACCA qualification. Why an ACCA career became so popular recently? Here is the reason:  

Let’s sow the seeds from the acronym to learn what this accounting body is. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the full form of ACCA, is a standard qualification to get into finance and accountancy. An ACCA qualification is not only an expert but also equips the professional with practical experience. 

ACCA professionals are umpteen in number, with approximately two lakh active members dispersed in over eighty countries. Each of these accountants has excellent knowledge incomparable to any other commerce course which makes them the most valuable professionals in the world. ACCA is one of the best Commerce courses to choose after the 12th. Why the best because it will make you an internationally certified professional during the first phase of your twenties itself.  Do check the syllabus details and ACCA course duration to know why the qualification is worth it.

Path to ACCA

ACCA syllabus and career duration are designed interestingly.

Just thirteen examinations are enough to climb the success ladder of ACCA. The syllabus is divided into three sections: Applied Knowledge Level, Applied Skills Level and Strategic Professional Level. In Applied Knowledge Level, the papers to learn are Business and Technology, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. At the applied skills level, there are papers on Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance and Financial Management. Coming to Strategic Professional Level, the papers to study is Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting. The optional papers the course provides are Advanced Finance Management, Advanced Performance Management, Advanced Taxation and Advanced Audit and Assurance. Also, you will get an exemption if you have an education in commerce. That does not mean that it would be difficult for a student coming from a science background. Interestingly a lot of ACCA qualifiers are from the science stream. Before you choose the ACCA institute, go through the ACCA course details. 

 The course is interestingly flexible as students can work during or after their studies. You can complete this course with ethics and skills modules if admitted to a reputed ACCA coaching centre. Choosing the best ACCA coaching entry will lead to the best ACCA salary package and a safe living! 

Where This Path Leads You To? 

The word that always goes with ACCA qualification is global exposure. Multinational opportunities are the main attraction of acquiring an ACCA certificate but understand that this is not the only thing you can brag about. The ACCA course can lead you to the world of success in the blink of an eye. This blink would not be momentary or unstable but a wide opened networking for a lifetime. 

1) Mammoth Exposure

As mentioned above, the ACCA qualification is a tool to build an attractive career with the support of the world’s most extensive chartered accountant body. It is also a fast-growing body with more than six lakh future members. Is it a dream come true moment to be part of a prestigious global body? Join the best ACCA coaching centre to leap ahead of the pack! 

ACCA course’s international exposure is more massive than you think. Global exposure has borderless opportunities from the UK to Singapore and the Middle East to India. 

2)Forever Support and Ethereal Salary Packages 

Global acceptance and accreditation are lifelong support for any finance lover. The numerous peers in this field will help you to improve your journey to your destination. Isn’t it always helps to have a support system to improve our aim and aspirations?!

Coming to the salary package, an ACCA certificate will help you settle for a higher salary only. Starting a career with a pretty good-paying job will boost your profession. A well-begun career is a well-settled one! 

3)Different Career Opportunities 

Here is a list of career opportunities an ACCA certificate will provide you. Also, consider that these are only a very few options a trained chartered accountant can settle for soon after completing his degree. They are: 


•Financial Accountant 

•Internal Auditor 


•Management Accountant 

•Compliance Officer 

 Do check the ACCA course details if you find Commerce your life-changing decision.

To write this story, the fairy-tale of an accounting career, choose the best institute for ACCA. If you are into accounting and finance, save time being part of this metamorphosis. ACCA is the magic beans you never knew about!

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