1. Admission Fee:

Students are required to pay an admission fee of Rs. 3000/- + GST for CMA (USA) and Rs.7500/- + GST for ACCA PRIME and 5000 for LEVEL scheme, at the time of admission to confirm their seat. This fee is non-refundable and serves as confirmation of enrolment.

  1. Payment Schemes:

Students have the flexibility to choose between two payment schemes:

  • One-Time Settlement: Pay the entire tuition fee in a single installment.
  • Instalments: opt for a payment plan with scheduled installments, as outlined during admission.

* Installment schemes are exclusively processed through an external party, Greyquest, and Elance only accommodates a one-time settlement scheme

  1. Instalment Schemes:
  • Paper-wise: Students will not have the option for installments based on individual papers.
  • Level-wise: Students can opt for installments, with a maximum of 3 installments over a period of 3 months after completing the payment of the initial payment
  • Prime Students: Prime students will have the option for installments, with a maximum of 9 installments over a period of 9 months after completing the initial payment.
  • Prime Plus Students: Prime Plus students will have the option for installments, with a maximum of 12 installments over a period of 12 months after completing the initial payment.
  • Prime Online: Prime online students will have the option for installments, with a maximum of 9 installments over a period of 9 months after completing the initial payment
  • F1 to F9: F1 to F9 students will have the option for installments, with a maximum of 9 installments over a period of 9 months after completing the initial payment
  • Working Professionals: Working Professional students will have the option for installments, with a maximum of 9 installments over a period of 9 months after completing the initial payment
  • CMA US: For both groups ( Part 1+Part 2) maximum of 6 Installments and for Single Part One time settlement only.
  1. External Loan Association Policy:

Elance Education has an association with Greyquest to facilitate student loans for its enrolled students. However, it is crucial for students to understand the following points:

  • Your loan application with Greyquest is subject to approval based on the creditworthiness, including the CIBIL score, of the student or parent applying for the loan.
  • There is a possibility that your loan application may be rejected, or the approval may be for an amount less than the requested sum, depending on the assessment by Greyquest.
  • Elance, as an educational institution, will not be held responsible for any rejection of your loan application or for the approval of an amount less than requested. The loan approval process is solely at the discretion of Greyquest.
  • It is advisable to contact Greyquest directly for any concerns or queries regarding your loan application status, approval amount, or rejection reasons.
  • Any repayment-related issues with the approved loan will be between the student (or the parent, as applicable) and Greyquest. Elance Education cannot take any role in mediating or influencing matters related to loan repayments, as it is a third-party initiative.
  1. Tuition Fee Break-Up and Scheme:

*Tuition fee and scheme as per the annexure

  1. Additional Fee at Elance:

ACCA UK/CMA USA Fees and Study Material Fee are separate from the tuition Fee. The tuition fee covers only the cost associated with the online/offline training that students receive, ensuring transparency in the breakdown of fees at Elance.

  1. Payment Scheme Selection:

Please select one of the following options to indicate your chosen payment scheme for tuition fees;

  • One -Time Settlement
  • Instalments
  1. External Installment Requirement:

Please choose one of the following options to indicate whether you require external Installment assistance.

  • Yes
  • No
  1. Instalment Schedule:

If you have chosen the installment option in the payment scheme, kindly specify the dates for the installments.

  1. Tuition Fee Payment:

Students commit to paying tuition fees in advance as per the chosen payment scheme, whether through a one-time settlement (Fee payment should be completed prior to the scheduled start date of classes) or instalments (First Instalment should be completed prior to the scheduled start date of classes). It is crucial to understand that failure to pay fees on time may result in a penalty of Rs. 50 per day.

In the event that the fee payment from the student is pending for more than 5 days from the scheduled payment dates, access to WhatsApp Groups and Student Logins will be restricted. Furthermore, if the student’s payment remains pending for more than 7 days, they will not be allowed to attend both online and offline classes. The dates selected for installments serve as the deadline date for the corresponding payment, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure timely fee payments to avoid any disruptions in access and class participation.

  1. Special Cases for Fee Payment:

If any student requires a change in the scheduled payment date, they should communicate the request through a registered email to the Student Relationship Officer. This communication should be accompanied by a request from the parent and an income certificate, and it should be submitted a minimum of 5 days before the scheduled payment date. The Center Manager has the authority to approve such requests up to a limit of 15 days.

In cases where the student requires more than 15 days of relaxation, they must submit a self-declaration form (signed with a revenue stamp). The Center Manager can recommend such requests based on verification, and final approval should be obtained from the Regional Operations Manager. The maximum relaxation granted to a student under such circumstances will be 40 days. It is essential for students to adhere to this process to ensure smooth handling of requests related to payment date adjustments.

  1. Non-Repayment Policy:

In cases of withdrawal or dismissal, a refund will be issued, but the full fees for the respective paper will be deducted, even if the student attended a single session. Additionally, a processing charge of Rs. 15,000 will be applied towards administrative expenses. Please note that the registration fee remains non-refundable and after 6 months of the commencement of classes there will be no refund


  1. Batch Allocation:

Elance, as an institution, employs an automated ERP system for batch allocation. To safeguard the institution’s operational efficiency, students are not allowed to change the allocated batch.

  1. Branch Change:

Branch changes necessitate approval through a specialized application process, requiring meticulous evaluation of institutional prerequisites. Students seeking a branch change must submit a written application to the Center Head. Approval is contingent upon the availability of vacant seats and an assessment of the academic progress within the requested branch’s batches.

  1. Scheme Change:

To preserve the integrity of academic planning, Elance strictly prohibits any changes to the initially selected scheme after admission.

  1. Paper Selection at S&P Level:

Students have the flexibility to select or prioritize papers for their study at the S&P level. To enroll in a course, students can contact the Student Relationship Officer or directly use the Student Application for seamless course selection. It is essential to complete the paper selection a minimum of 10 days before the scheduled class start date to ensure timely processing.

  1. Paper Change:

Once a paper is selected, students are not permitted to change it to another to ensures consistency and commitment to the chosen academic path.

  1. Course Delivery Model Selection:

Students have the flexibility to choose the next paper online, regardless of the current session’s mode (online or offline). However, once a session is initiated, changing the course model is not permitted. It’s noteworthy that online students have the option to switch to offline sessions only with additional payment as per the fee structure.

  1. Entry to Skill Level:

Students who are not exempted from the knowledge level are not permitted to attend in skill level papers until they have successfully completed three papers in the knowledge level.

  1. Exemptions as per Exam Board:

Students have the opportunity to secure exemptions in papers by fulfilling the criteria outlined by the examination board. For comprehensive details on exemptions, you can refer to the exam board’s website or reach out to the coordinators for further assistance.

  1. Attendance:

In adherence to institutional standards, students are solely responsible for class attendance. Elance absolves itself from any obligation to separately cover missed material and sessions, emphasizing student accountability in line with institutional expectations. It is imperative to note that a minimum of 90% class attendance is compulsory, including mentor sessions and mock exams, as they are integral components of the class experience.

  1. Academic Doubt Clearance:

In Aligned with institutional norms, students bear the responsibility of promptly and timely addressing and clarifying doubts. Doubts can be resolved during classroom sessions, online sessions, through personal interactions with faculty/mentors, or via the designated WhatsApp group. It is imperative for students to take ownership of their queries and actively follow up to ensure prompt resolution.

  1. Academic Communication:

To maintain streamlined communication, Elance utilises batch-wise WhatsApp groups for both students and parents exclusively. It is the responsibility of students and parents to actively participate in and follow all instructions and directions communicated within these groups. Any failure to read or participate in any communication within the group is solely the responsibility of students and parents. Elance absolves itself from any responsibility for the effects resulting from such oversights, emphasizing the importance of active participation and adherence to communicated guidelines.

  1. Reenrolling for a Paper:

Reenrolling for a Paper at Elance is available to students who encounter examination challenges or lack confidence. This initiative serves as a supportive avenue for continuous learning and improvement, adhering to specific criteria established by the institution.

  • Paper-wise Student:
    • For paper-wise students, re-enrolment is only allowed for online sessions and requires payment of 50% of the actual fee to proceed with the chosen paper.
  • Level-wise Student:
    • Students enrolled in the level-wise category can freely reenroll in online sessions.
  • Prime Student:
    • Prime students enjoy the privilege of free re-enrolment, whether opting for online or offline sessions. Offline free re-enrolment is only allowed once per paper if the student is having mminimum 90% attendance, all mentor sessions are attended and attended all mock exams. Also, there will be no specific batch choice

Re-enrolment benefits are applicable only once per paper; thereafter, students are required to pay the full amount under the paper-wise scheme. Additionally, once a paper is selected for re-enrolment, it cannot be changed to any other paper.

  1. Teaching Language:

All classroom sessions, academic materials, and internal communication within the institution will be conducted exclusively in the English language. Students are required to strictly adhere to this linguistic requirement. It is the sole responsibility of each student to enhance their English communication skills adequately to effectively participate and comprehend the academic sessions.

  1. Method of Teaching:

As a professional course provider, Elance emphasizes the student’s responsibility for in-depth research and a proactive reading mentality to enhance skills. Faculties and mentors serve as facilitators, maintaining the institution’s commitment to fostering self-driven learning practices.

  1. Session Recordings:

Elance retains the discretion to provide or withhold recordings of certain or all sessions, and it is not a guaranteed right for students to receive them. Any recordings made available to students will be accessible online and limited to a specific timeframe, as determined by Elance.

  1. Student Registration with Board:

For graduate students with exemptions in knowledge level papers, it is imperative to complete their registration with the board at least two weeks before the exam registration. In case of any assistance needed, students can contact the Student Relationship Officer for support. Timely registration with the board is the sole responsibility of the student to ensures a smooth process and adherence to examination timelines.


  1. Exam Application Process:

Students have the option to enroll directly for examinations through board website or through the Student Relationship Officer. Enrolment can be completed by paying the examination fee directly or via the Student Relationship Officer (The examination fee is not included in the tuition fee and must be paid separately).

  1. Exam Preparation:

Elance conducts exam preparation sessions to assist students. It is the student’s responsibility to attend these sessions, clear any doubts, and actively engage in preparation. Elance will not reinitiate sessions in the case of absenteeism, emphasizing individual accountability in exam readiness.

  1. Communications from Exam Board:

As login and password details belong to individual students, Elance cannot access their exam accounts. Students are responsible for continuous monitoring of their exam accounts for any communication from the exam board, including changes in schedule or location and students are accountable for following these updates.

  1. Passing in Exam:

Elance does not provide assurance of student success in exams. Exam results are solely based on the individual effort exerted by students. Elance acts as a facilitator in the training & exam process but does not guarantee the outcomes. Student commitment and dedication play a crucial role in achieving success in examinations.


  1. Respectful Behavior:
    • Foster an inclusive campus by demonstrating respect towards peers, faculty, and staff.
    • Uphold an environment where diversity is valued, and individuals feel acknowledged and respected.
  2. Punctuality and Attendance:
    • Prioritize commitment to learning by attending classes and activities promptly.
    • Communicate any unavoidable absences in advance to the respective batch coordinators, acknowledging the importance of a dedicated and engaged learning environment.
  3. Responsible Use of Facilities:
    • Contribute to the maintenance of campus facilities by respecting property and adhering to usage guidelines.
    • Report any observed damage or issues promptly to maintain a conducive learning environment.
    • The student shall bear the financial responsibility for any damage caused to facilities, covering the costs incurred for replacement or repair.
  1. Professional Demeanor:
    • Present oneself professionally in both appearance and conduct, reflecting a commitment to academic and professional standards.
    • Recognize the importance of professional behavior as a precursor to success in future endeavors.
  2. Effective Communication:
    • Students are prohibited from using unprofessional language or any language that is harassing or affects the integrity of another person.
    • Utilize designated communication channels for official correspondence, ensuring clarity and efficiency.
    • Participate in constructive and open communication, fostering a collaborative and communicative community.
  3. Safety Compliance:
    • Students are unequivocally prohibited from engaging in any activity that may compromise the safety or security of self and any other person within the campus.
    • Act responsibly in emergency situations, contributing to a secure and prepared campus community.
  4. Noise Management:
    • Contribute to a focused and conducive learning environment by minimizing noise in shared spaces.
    • Recognize the impact of noise on the learning experience and take steps to maintain a respectful atmosphere.
  5. Technology Etiquette:
    • Demonstrate responsible use of electronic devices, respecting guidelines and ensuring minimal disruption in academic settings.
    • Use technology as a tool for learning, balancing its benefits with a consideration for the impact on others.
  6. Alcohol and Substance Policies:
    • Entry to campus under the influence of alcohol or other substances is strictly prohibited.
    • Abide by institutional policies regarding alcohol and substance use, understanding the potential impact on individual well-being and community harmony.
  7. No Smoking Policy:
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited on Campus premises. Adhere to the no-smoking policy to create a healthy and comfortable environment for all members of the campus community.
  8. Community Engagement:
    • Actively participate in community events and initiatives, contributing positively to the overall campus community.
    • Demonstrate a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being and vibrancy of the campus environment.
  9. Political Activities:
    • Political activities are not allowed on campus to maintain a neutral and focused learning environment.
    • Refrain from engaging in any form of political campaigning or advocacy within the institution.
  10. Illegal Items:
    • The campus strictly prohibits the possession of illegal items. Any individual found carrying such items will be subject to disciplinary action to ensure the safety and well-being of the entire campus community.


  1. Placement at Elance:

Elance does not guarantee any form of placement for students. However, we are committed to providing placement assistance and support in developing students’ job readiness and enhancing their skills. Our role is to act as a support mechanism, offering assistance in preparing for interviews and fostering skill development to enhance students’ employability.

  1. Technical Requirement:

Students are responsible for meeting any personal technical requirements, including smartphones or other devices, to access study materials, sessions, or applications. Additionally, any network requirements for attending classes fall under the student’s responsibility. It is crucial for students to ensure the availability of these resources to ensure an uninterrupted learning process at Elance.

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