The ACCA course is one of the most sought-after professional courses in the world. With the demand for qualified accountants increasing day by day, ACCA continues to withhold its relevance as always. With the popularity of the course increasing, it’s quite usual for many doubts to arise along with it and a prominent one among them is whether a student can defer the ACCA exam or not. So let’s have a detailed look at it.

The full form of ACCA is the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and it is one of the firstly established accounting qualifications to professionally validate and support accountants all over the world. Since its inception, the ACCA org is the body which acts as a niche network of certified professionals from the global accounting industry.

The ACCA qualification is desired by many, but not pursued by most because of the fear of ACCA’s qualifying tests. But to simplify this and make the ACCA journey easy, the course structure is divided into two levels: Fundamental level (knowledge modules consisting three and skills module consisting five) and Professional level (two essential modules and two optional modules). And these exams take place during March, June, September and December exam sessions.

The ACCA exam registration process will take no more than around 10 minutes to complete. While registering, the applicants can enjoy the option to apply for exemptions, if they have any. The website offers all the easiness possible for the ACCA aspirants to register for the exam and then cancel it if required, with refunds, all within the standard entry closing date for that exam session. After the standard exam entry deadline, exam entry fees are not refundable or transferable. Here are some information regarding the cancelling and deferring of the ACCA exam:

1.    If you are marked absent for an exam, it won’t affect the results of other exams you were able to give.

2.     If you missed an exam, you can sit for it in the next session.

3. After the standard exam entry closing date, you can’t cancel the ACCA exam registration.

4.    If any difficult or unexpected situation happens after the deadline, say any illness or bereavement of a close relative, then if applied with the proper documents or evidence, the ACCA registration fee can be credited back. 

5.     Minor inconveniences won’t be considered for a fee refund.

6.  Also, if you have had an exam entry cancellation in any of the last four ACCA sessions, you won’t be eligible for another cancellation in that period.

7.    The ACCA exam fee will be used to pay for the administration of your exam and will no longer be refundable after the standard entry deadline.

8.  Re-sit option for qualified exam is not possible. Only affiliates or members can re-sit a passed exam.

9.     Changes that can be made to an exam entry are,

·       Cancellation

·       Changing the time/location or variant

·       Switching to remote based exam

·       Entering for more exam

10. Registered students who missed the standard exam entry dates can use the late entry facility.

These are certain methodologies that an applicant has to be aware of while applying for the ACCA tests. The procedures involved might be a bit confusing and overwhelming when you are all focused on your ACCA training and studies. But all these processes that might seem tedious and tiring can be made easy if you seek the help of people who have been doing it for a while. And an institution that works with the sole aim of building a complete commerce ecosystem can be the right one to be of aid. Elance Learning, operating mainly in South Asia, and which is expanding now, is an organisation working towards this goal, along with bringing innovation into the field of education. So if you intend to seek support in your ACCA journey, or other professional qualification like the CMA USA course, Elance Learning can be of help.

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