Payment & Refund

1. Admission Fee:
Students intending to enroll in ACCA and CMA (USA) programs are required to pay an
admission fee of ₹ 3000/- + GST for CMA (USA) and ₹ 7500/- + GST for ACCA PRIME,
and ₹5000 for the LEVEL scheme upon admission to confirm their enrollment. This fee,
serving as confirmation of enrollment, is non-refundable.
For CA Foundation, the admission fee will be ₹5000, refundable only if the student
fails. Upon passing the foundation exam, a fee discount of ₹5000 from the tuition fee will
be granted if he/she opts Inter group tuition at Elance
2. Payment Schemes:
Students have the option to choose from two payment schemes:
• One-Time Settlement: Pay the entire tuition fee in a single installment. •
Instalments: Opt for a payment plan with scheduled installments, as outlined during
Please note that installment schemes are exclusively managed through an
external entity, GrayQuest, as Elance only accommodates a one-time settlement
3. External Loan Association Policy:
Elance Education has an association with GrayQuest to facilitate student loans for its
enrolled students. However, students must understand the following points:
• The approval of your loan application with GrayQuest is subject to the
creditworthiness, including the CIBIL score, of the student or parent applying for
the loan.
• There is a possibility that your loan application may be rejected, or the approval
may be for an amount less than the requested sum, depending on the assessment
by GrayQuest.
• Elance, as an educational institution, will not be held responsible for any rejection
of your loan application or for the approval of an amount less than requested. The
loan approval process is solely at the discretion of GrayQuest.
• It is advisable to contact GrayQuest directly for any concerns or queries
regarding your loan application status, approval amount, or rejection reasons.
• Any repayment-related issues with the approved loan will be between the
student (or the parent, as applicable) and GrayQuest. Elance Education cannot
take any role in mediating or influencing matters related to loan repayments, as it
is a third-party initiative.
• If the loan is not processed, students can opt for the Auto debit option.
For the refund, if the batch has commenced, students may communicate with their
respective batch coordinator. Upon receiving approval from the center manager, the
refund process will be initiated. If the batch has not commenced, students can
communicate the same with the Admission Officer. Upon approval from the
Admission Department Manager, the refund process will be initiated. Please note that
if it’s a one-time settlement, the refund will be processed after 1 week from the
approval. If it’s EMI or Auto debit, it depends on the approval process from the
External Service Provider (GrayQuest). Once approved by the external service
provider, the refund will be processed within 7 days.
4. Tuition Fee Break-Up and Scheme:
Tuition fees and scheme details are provided in the Annexure.
5. Additional Fee at Elance:
Exam fee, registration fee, subscription fee, exemption fee,study material fee etc and any
other related fee payable to the Board.
The tuition fee covers only the cost associated with the online/offline training that
students receive, ensuring transparency in the breakdown of fees at Elance.
6. Payment Scheme Selection:
Please select one of the following options to indicate your chosen payment scheme
for tuition fees:
• One-Time Settlement
• Instalments
7. Tuition Fee Payment:
If students do not opt for the One-time settlement, they need to opt for the EMI or Auto
debit options.
Any Default in Payment will lead to the removal of access from respective batches
8. Non-Repayment Policy:
In cases of withdrawal or dismissal, a refund will be issued, A Paperwise
fee per session attended including any sessions which were given as part of the full course
will be deducted along with a cancellation charge of ₹20000/-.
we will be deducting;
• Paperwise fee per session attended whether fresh or resit.
• Fees for skill-based training classes attended which were given only to those who
are taking all papers in Elance.
• Cancellation Charges of Rs 20000/- towards administrative expenses.
Please note that the Admission fee remains non-refundable, and for ACCA, after 12
months from the commencement of classes, and for CMA, after 3 months, there will be
no refund.

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