What Are The Popular Job Roles in Financial Planning and Analysis?

You might be very familiar with financial planning and analysis, right? It refers to the processes that help organisations to effectively plan and execute their major business decisions and to secure their financial health. You might think this professional field is merely associated with accounting. But it’s not. Even though accounting is the foundational process, it includes more. The doors of opportunities that will be opened by pursuing a career in the field are limitless. The immense and wide possibilities provided made these roles one among the top choices of professionals with ACCA qualifications. 

Before getting straight into the list of top job roles in financial planning and analysis, let’s        briefly talk about ACCA. Now you might think why a brief about ACCA is required while talking about the topic. The reason is very simple. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is the certification that paves the way to get a job in the field. 

Before stepping further, there is a topic that we should be aware of, that is; financial data. Many of you might have heard the term ‘financial data’  before. But can you define what it actually is? In simpler terms, it can be defined as a set of financial information of an organisation. Collecting such information will help to effectively learn the financial status of the organisation. A proper analysis will thus help for the progress of the organisation, and that is why the demand of professionals to perform these roles are increasing day by day. 

To have a better idea about the job roles that can be achieved within the field, go through the details provided below. Going through the financial planning and analysis job description provided below, readers can expand their comprehension about these roles. Based on the qualification and skills that the professionals have, they can start their preparation for getting into these roles. 

 Table of contents

Financial Analyst

What are the duties performed by a financial analyst in an organisation? They  play a very important role in making key decisions for business development. A solid idea about the financial market and the principles of accounting are considered the most important knowledge required for being a financial analyst. 

But, does that mean it is only enough? Not at all. An upper hand to conduct data analysis, problem-solving skills, skill for financial modelling, etc., are some other requirements. In short, a financial analyst can be considered as the backbone of the financial planning and analysis team. The basic qualifications required is a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field. The completion of advanced finance-related courses like CFA and the information provided by the ACCA subjects will help you receive a competitive edge. 

Financial Planning Manager

Who is a financial planning manager? What actually is the role played by them in an organisation? In short, we can call them the professionals who are responsible for supervising the functions of financial analysts. They associate with external teams to maintain the growth in their financial trajectory. Most of the financial planning managers possess a master’s degree in finance or a related field. Since the role requires high efficiency, most of their master’s qualification is accompanied by relevant professional certifications. 

FP&A Director

FP&A director is a senior-level role. To be one, extensive experience in finance analysis is needed. They are the ones who are responsible for supervising the entire financial system of the organisation. Planning financial well-being of the company and providing valuable information for profit and growth come under them. Along with advanced degree qualification and the completion of multiple ACCA levels, you can shorten your journey to be an FP&A director. 

Are the above listed the only roles in FP&A? Not at all. There are numerous roles available in the field. Some of the popular ones are financial system analysts, financial controllers, business analysts, etc. Will you agree with us if we say things around you are changing every day? Yes, right? We all accept the fact that changes are inevitable and are happening around us every single day. Similarly, in our job market multiple changes are happening. Huge changes have occurred in the field of commerce and finance in the last few years. 
As a stepping stone to achieve these job titles, the certification of ACCA will definitely be beneficial. So, ‘how to get the ACCA certification?’ will obviously be the question that comes to our mind. And Elance is the solution that we offer to you. Elance, one of the top ACCA institutes will assist you throughout your journey. Top-class faculty assistance in the institute will make sure that the best is delivered to you. To secure your future with a high paying job in the field of finance, choose Elance. For more information about CMA USA and ACCA subjects, visit our Elance website. Let’s develop our skills and prepare to deliver the best.

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