Why learn ACCA from an Approved Learning Partner?

The ACCA course is an internationally recognized, highly rewarding career pathway that ensures a higher magnitude of success for anyone who is ready to pursue it. The full form of ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a membership body that accredits and supports professional accountants all over the world.

Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. It equips the students with skills, knowledge, and values that are necessary to work in the financial world. In order to achieve the ACCA qualification, the students will have to complete a maximum of 13 exams, depending on their previous experiences and certifications, and then complete an Ethics and Professional Skills module along with the evidence of three years of practical work experience within a relevant position.

In the case of ACCA, the learning providers will have various levels of approval. They are: Approved Learning Partner, Silver Learning Partner, Gold Approved Learning Partner and, Platinum Approved Learning Partner. So, while hearing about the different levels of the ACCA course, one might obviously think about the benefits of learning and giving the ACCA exam with the support and encouragement of approved learning partners. To reinforce the existence of these levels there are many uncommonly known advantages. And some of them are:

  1. The students who are learning from Approved Learning Partners are 25% more likely to pass the ACCA exam successfully.
  2. Approved Learning Partners or ALPs will have a lot of experience under their belt which will come as an advantage for the students as they’ll be learning from the best.
  3. Since the ALPs will be experienced, they will have all the tips and tricks for the students on how to prepare for the exams and how to actually give the exams.
  4. Flexibility is another feature of Approved Learning Partners. They will be highly acquainted with the ACCA syllabus and thus will be able to train the students with the learning materials in more convenient and easy ways.
  5. Approved Learning Partners will offer constant support to its students in many ways like offering more questions that go with the ACCA syllabus, doubt clearances, etc.
  6. When learning with an approved learning partner, the ACCA duration can be decreased accordingly, because the students will be learning from the best and the ease of learning can be increased.
  7. Approved Learning Partners will have standing relationships with many key local employers which will increase the options for networking and employability opportunities.

All of these are only some of the benefits of acquiring the ACCA qualification from Approved Learning Partners and there are many more.

Even though the Approved Learning Partners are the best choice to learn with, they will be rare in number because of the criteria they have to follow while they are functioning. And the quality of education they must provide has to be exceptional. Delivering a quality student experience must be the main aim of being an ALP.

While talking about the levels of approvals, it is important to stress the importance of a learning provider being a Platinum Approved Learning Partner. Platinum-level approval is the biggest level of approval given to learning providers all around the world. They help the students to earn their ACCA qualification with the highest quality teaching methods including the best mode of professionalism.

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